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A separate under 2 learning environment offers this age group specialised care and attention, with ratios of 1 teacher to 3 children and a maximum group size of 10 children.  All teachers are ECE qualified and have been with the preschool for over 10 years, offering consistency in relationships for both the children and their families. 


Our curriculum follows the guidelines of Te Whāriki, the NZ early childhood curriculum. Children benefit from having supervised freedom to explore their large playroom and outdoor playground, with access to a wide variety of resources designed to stimulate their curiosities and senses. Teachers are always present to interact sensitively with support and gentle guidance. Parents studying or working nearby are encouraged to drop in anytime to breastfeed their child or simply enjoy a few playful moments together.


The day you leave your child in someone else’s care is your child’s first step on the journey to emotional self-sufficiency. Some anxiety when you say goodbye is common for you both; it’s hard to say goodbye.

Spend time together at preschool getting to know the teachers, children and the routines.  It might take several visits before you leave your child for the first, short time.


Separate sleep and changing rooms provide children privacy and a sense of homeliness during their most intimate routines. Teachers work closely with parents to mirror each child's familiar routines from home. The documentation of individual routines is accessible to parents each day.


Parents provide meals and snacks so that children's cultural and personal preferences are met. Meals can be heated on request and parents/ whanau are welcome to join their child at the kai table during meal times.

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