Hagley Community College Preschool was established in 1974 as a not-for-profit community early childhood service. The preschool is governed by a Trust Board that retains a close connection with Hagley Community College. Our vibrant preschool community is culturally diverse with families and teaching staff from many different countries.  Our preschool caters for children from the wider residential community, from the Christchurch city central business district and children of Hagley Community College staff and students.



Our vision is for Hagley Community Preschool to be an inclusive and vibrant learning community working together to nurture the capabilities and competence of our tamariki (children) as successful life long learners.

We aspire for Hagley Preschool tamariki to be:

  • Culturally proud

  • Emotionally strong

  • Confident communicators

  • Curious questioners, inquirers & creative thinkers


Our values are symbolised by the koru: the tuakana (the older koru fern) shelters the taina (the younger koru) as it grows and unfurls.

Our values of trust, respect, integrity and personal relationships rest within this tuakana-taina relationship.

With these values in place, the taina of today will become the tuakana of tomorrow.


Tamariki aged 3 months to 6 years and their whānau/families enjoy our nurturing, warm and secure environment.  We build strong links between home and preschool because we value the central role parents fulfill as caregivers and educators of their children. 


 Our teaching philosophy of learning through play, social interaction, and exploration supports our young learners to confidently make choices, solve problems, question and explore. We believe every child is a competent learner and communicator. Hagley preschool children develop respectful relationships, compassion, autonomy, and independence, ensuring a strong foundation for life-long learning.



Parents/whānau are welcome to be actively involved in their child’s learning at preschool.  We encourage parents/whānau to share their home culture and aspirations for their child, to enjoy daily catch-up chats, to pop in to visit at any time, and to contribute to their child’s assessments.

Family Involvement
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