We provide a play based programme through which children develop enjoyment for learning, ensuring a strong foundation for learning at school and throughout life. Our curriculum follows the guidelines of Te Whāriki, the NZ early childhood curriculum (2017). In a maximum group size of just 27 children with four teachers, tamariki can lead their own learning by making decisions about their play interests, including easy access between indoor and outdoor environments. With a large protected elm tree and native bush, our outdoor playground is like an oasis of natural play areas located to one side of the College carpark.


Our over two year old tamariki have the added benefit of learning experiences beyond the preschool gates as we regularly make the most of the wider College environment. We visit the library, attend art and drama productions, work in the vegetable garden, and use the grassy area for games and physical activity.


The daily schedule is shaped by 'what's on top' for tamariki so that they can actively pursue their learning without undue disruption.  Tamariki can become deeply involved in activity and remain so for extended periods of time. A rolling morning kai time supports children's growing capacity to take responsibility for their own need for food and drink, under the sensitive guidance of a kaiako.


Parents/whānau provide meals and snacks so that children's cultural and personal preferences are met. Meals can be heated on request and parents/ whānau are welcome to join their child at the kai table during meal times.

Kaiako work with whānau to support tamariki as they learn to take responsibility for their toileting routines.


Our learning programme equips tamariki with enhanced self esteem and positive attitudes toward learning so that they can confidently progress into the

schooling environment.

Kaiako work with parents/whānau and schools to make sure each child is supported as they adapt to the changes they experience when they make the move to their new

learning environment.

We make it a special time when tamariki leave preschool. Friends and kaiako acknowledge the child's special characteristics and share their best wishes for the child's next phase of their learning journey.

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